This painting is about the power of pure TRUST, trusting timing, trusting love, trusting one’s autonomous journey. The beauty, for me is, with this trust, our darker thoughts and fears can’t take control as it allows us to live instead in the confident knowledge that our desires, loves and dreams will evolve and manifest exactly when the timing is right. With this trust we don’t need to anxiously project into the future or live depressingly in the past. We can instead just be, here and now in the present.

The figure on the right is inspired by a tribal oracle figure. The character on the left was created from deconstructed then reassembled machine parts. Whilst a familiarity remains, this machine-like character has taken on a new identity. It’s broken out of a stereotype mold and in so doing reminds us to live in and embrace our own authenticity.

MediaOil, Acrylic & Mixed Media on CanvasSize130x90 cm

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