A commissioned work. A bizarre, mysterious story. The car in this painting had been abandoned for nearly 10 years, deliberately reversed into the hedgerow to look directly out at the house opposite. After 10 years of it sitting there, no more than two months after finishing this painting it suddenly disappeared. And yet the owner of it had no idea this scene, his car, had been painted. Fate? Spiritual communication? Who knows! It transpired the owner of this car had once lived on the land where this house now stood. For me, it’s as if, in his absence he’d used his car to stand in as a metaphor for his soul, an ever-watchful third eye, watching over the land with which he clearly felt a strong emotional affiliation. With the painting now hanging in this house there’s a wry humour in that this car, (aka his soul) albeit the painted version, now lives both within the house but more importantly directly on the beloved land that was once his. To this end his car, his soul, has returned home.

MediaOil, Acrylic, Auto Paints & Mixed Media on CanvasSize90x90 cm

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