Capture the “thing”that caught my eye.

There are two main arteries out of Cape Town in South Africa: the N1 and N2 roads. Many times when driving down these roads I’ve suddenly screeched for my husband to stop unless, of course, I’m driving. The brakes go down, he swerves the car onto the curb, I jump out of the car, run back along the motorway and capture the “thing” that caught my eye.
Ironically the thing that had really caught my eye a red and white chequered hut doesn’t feature in this photo. Instead we’re left with this brutal barbwired fence that separates the motorway from the boundary of the airport. And while it has its necessary use here, this fairly barbaric barrier is for me so symbolic of the very things we should strive to dismantle; namely differences and the them and us attitude. Instead we should remember that

regardless of religion, culture,creed or colour that weare, in fact, all ONE.