I was properlytaken aback

Recently I came across some photo diaries I’d made back in my 2003-2005 City and Guilds college days. I was properly taken aback when going through the photos, taken over 20 odd years ago. The very same things that caught my attention then – street scenes, random rubbish, weeds, overgrowth, dustbins, telegraph poles and so on – not only carry an emotional charge for me today, but they are the same sort of subjects I still like to capture. I look forward to sharing many of these photos with you.

This more recent photo was taken in 2016, whilst staying with friends in LA, before my first stateside solo show with Stephen Webster. Every day I’d spend hours running and walking the streets soaking up the atmosphere and feasting my eyes on new sights. This was one of many scenes to catch my eye.

And its message, as everappropriate, is clear;LOVE MORE.