It was fun to come acrosssomething that relatesto my charaters

Going through old photos, which are endless scenes of pavements, urban dwellings and nature, it was fun to come across something that relates to the characters I’m so often drawn to incorporate in my work. When I was in Santiago, Chile I visited the Museo of Chilean de Arte Precolombino. It was stuffed full of beautifully displayed artefacts from all over Latin America artefacts created before any European influence infiltrated the consciousness of the minds in this part of the world.
This is one of the many characters that caught mine and my son’s eye. It’s called Botella; Cabeza-trofeo and was made by the Nazca Culture, an archaeological culture that from c. 100 BC to 800 AD flourished beside the arid southern coast of Peru in the river valleys of the Rio Grande de Nazca drainages and the Ica Valley. I love how this character with eyes shut, and mouth ajar is either, for me, in deep contemplation or laughter.

Either way there’s acontentment there.