With each work

"With each work Donovan provides a metaphorical brick with which we can erect what we need “To overcome the unknown, time-specific challenges of contemporary times, and to connect with ourselves and each other in such a way that we can move forward together, embracing the fundamental spirituality that tethers us all within the same eco-system.”

I want to

“I want to break out of the programming that is instilled in us all from an early age, whether that is to fit in with a particular type of masculinity, or to be a perfect beacon of domesticity.”

Walls talk

“Walls talk of man’s history, of hopes as well as fears.  They create havens and barriers, whilst their surfaces tell stories through their colours and the marks left by both man and the elements.”

Donovan’s paintings

"Donovan’s paintings are an analogy for society, albeit one where harmony exists within the politics of division, and where the melting pot of nationalities and divergent creeds thrives."

My work

"My work is an investigation into the complexities of the human condition, the psychology of mankind, individual spirituality and its place in the collective whole."