Francie Clarkson

"I love Miranda's work; so clever, witty and individual."

Lucinda & James Aumonier

“We have been following Miranda’s work for over 20 years and feel privileged to have been able to own various pieces in that time. She is a talent, who continues to inspire and surprise us, and we always look forward to seeing any new works in huge anticipation.”  

Davina Barber

"I have followed Miranda’s career from the outset (and regret every day I didn’t buy her work sooner). Her unique style, topical subject matter and original use of materials and colour create works of great depth both emotionally and physically."

Andrew Ipkendanz

"I have been continuously collecting Miranda’s work for the past 8 years. Her ability to blend Street Art with Fine Art via unconventional media is fresh and exciting. That coupled with her unique perception of urban landscape makes her a standout in today’s art world."

Anna McNay

“Miranda Donovan’s multi-layered works reflect the rawness and vulnerability of the contemporary human condition. At once beautiful and abject, her ‘sculptural paintings’ feature street art; uncanny, alien characters; and the discarded oddities of man’s thoughtless way of life, amid leafy trees and resilient urban undergrowth. There is disorder and decay; crumbling bricks built up as a palimpsest of pencil marks, paint and sgraffito; and yet undeniable signs of new life – and hope – blossoming through. As a metaphor for humankind, Donovan’s works could scarcely be more apt in the atmosphere of the current pandemic."

Alex St John Webster

“I love how Miranda’s work shows the beauty in urban decay. I’ve been collecting her work since 2005 and they bring me much joy and lots of compliments”

Alexandra Spencer Churchill

“I consider myself exceptionally fortunate to have Miranda Donovan’s ‘Be Brave and Love’ hanging boldly in my sitting room. Having followed the artist for a number of years I have witnessed how her style has evolved and the journey she has taken.  ‘Be Brave and Love’ embodies numerous contradictions from colour to form, shape, space and texture resulting in what I consider to be the most life enriching piece of art that I own.”

Mark Hix

“I’ve known Miranda for ages and avidly collected her work along with the bespoke commissions which hang on my walls amongst other great British artists.”