My Love ofExploring

Here… again in Croatia.

I know I’ve mentioned my love of exploring many times before but maybe this is the first of my blog posts you’re reading. For this reason I mention again my love of wandering streets, alleyways and paths I’ve not seen before. And doing it at the crack of dawn. I’ve always been an early riser though it’s got earlier and earlier the older I get! I slip out when my family are sound asleep, just as the sun is rising, to wander what are “new” streets for me. I particularly like wandering or running at this time of the day because there are so few people around. Selfishly I feel like I have the place to myself.

This little backstreet corner really caught my eye; the ordered, yet irregular brick and stonework, nature’s vivid green, organic shape set in contrast to the walls, and then of course human suffering…

so starkly communicatedthrough the presence of a wheelchair.